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Injury Prevention and
Care for Dancers
Injury Prevention and
Care for Dancers
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Welcome to High Performance Dance Therapy

Welcome to High Performance Dance Therapy

At High Performance Dance Therapy, I advocate for injury prevention and using sport-specific movement to bridge the gap between injury and return to dance. Injury Prevention for Dancers is arguably the most important part of what I do. I strive to teach dancers good biomechanics, safe stretching, and how to avoid over-training and burnout.

Every treatment and rehab program is specifically tailored to each dancer. As an Athletic Therapist who doubles as a dance teacher, I have the inside scoop on all things dance. This is helpful as it allows the dancer to better communicate where, when, or how an injury is affecting them and therefore gives me a better understanding of the injury itself. It also allows for better patient education and more specifics on what they should or shouldn’t be doing in the dance studio. 

At HPDT, I want to keep you moving throughout the entirety of your injury!





About Me

Hi! I’m Alex Hamilton –

A certified Athletic Therapist with a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Physical Education and recently certified in Principles of Dance Medicine. I am also a dance teacher and choreographer for over 8 years.

My mission is to bring these two worlds together via injury prevention for dancers and dance specific rehabilitation. Over the years I have seen countless dancers in pain and suffering through their training. These are usually injuries that are preventable and definitely treatable with exercise and movement – NOT rest.

My goal is to help athletes and dancers PREVENT these injuries by teaching good biomechanics and form in whatever it is they love to do. My knowledge and experience in the dance world and understanding of the different types of demands and stresses being placed on the body allows me to better prevent and treat injuries by specializing the rehabilitation to each individual dancer.

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Alex Hamilton, B.HPE., CAT(c)

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